Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tiramisu cupcakes

Reader, meet the Tiramisu cupcake. I've had my fair share of cupcakes in my life, and I'm pretty positive that this is the best one that I've ever eaten...and I just HAD to kick off this blog with an introduction to the best cupcake EVER.

I'm really not a fan of cavity inducing frosting or heavy cake, and I was a little worried that these cupcakes would be just that. Instead my sister and I were pleasantly surprised with the outcome. The cake is based on a fairly simple vanilla cake batter - not too sweet, not too bland. After going in the oven to bake, a coffee-marsala wine syrup is drizzled over the cupcakes. The frosting is made from a VERY light and fluffy cream and marscarpone cheese combination, and then the cupcakes are dusted with cocoa powder...absolutely AMAZING.

Honestly, the first word that popped out of my mouth after taking the first bite was "WOW." This cupcake didn't take too long to make (and of course, it helps to have a sister that's really good at baking). I think we'll definitely have to try this one again!

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  1. You, my dear Seeeestur, are a fiend.

    A cupcake fiend.