Friday, July 1, 2011

Good Mistakes

I have ALWAYS wanted to make blue macarons.

My color bias is probably attributed to the fact that blue is my favorite color, and it's not everyday that I get to make blue desserts, or blue food for that matter. Blue food isn't exactly that common, and I actually remember reading somewhere that humans stay away from eating blue food. Blue usually means that something is uncooked or rotten, and it is within our vary nature to reject food with a blue hue.

But I don't care. I will never deny a macaron, especially if it's blue.

When Mactweets posted their June fruit challenge, I knew exactly what to do. BLUEBERRY MACARONS!!! I made my way to Whole Foods and bought this:

Courtesy of Eden Foods

Silly me. Just because the package says that they're Dried Blueberries, doesn't mean they're FREEZE-DRIED blueberries. My whole plan to add pulverized blueberries to get a beautiful blue macaron shell pretty much went down the drain. Nevertheless, this brand of dried blueberries would be wonderful in a bowl of yogurt or cornflakes!

Despite my mistake, I wasn't too depressed. Mactweets did say, afterall, that this month's challenge was a celebration of fruit. I don't know about you, but during these hot Southern California summer months, sometimes the only thing that I'll have an appetite for is a nice refreshing fruit salad. While cramming an array of fruit flavors into one macaron seemed a little much, a simple strawberry/blueberry combination was easy.

After rummaging through my pantry, I found an unopened bag of freeze-dried strawberries from Trader Joes. I threw the strawberry powder into the batter, which (*sigh*) gave me a pink tint. After they came out of the oven (with feet!), I sandwiched them together with a simple vanilla buttercream with whole dried blueberries.

No, these macarons aren't blue. While pink is my least favorite color, I must say that this mixed berry macaron turned out to be pretty delicious. And of course, it's a reminder to me that sometimes things happen for a reason, and mistakes aren't always so horrible. We might get something good and delicious out of it in the end :)

Mixed Berry Macaron


  1. It's alway interesting to see what happens on a journey to realize a macaron idea. I think your strawberry blueberry macs are just lovely.

  2. Ah well, macarons are an adventure to make and we still get food flops ourselves. But I appreciate your attempt to use RED strawberries, WHITE vanilla buttercream and BLUEberries for some patriotic macs--just in time for the 4th of July weekend!

  3. Lol, well I'm pretty partial to pink, so I'm delighted to see these! I tried making some strawberry shells with freeze dried strawberries from trader joes, but they came out all wrinkly...still delicious but they didn't come out all smooth like I was hoping. Perhaps I put in too much...the batter also was like cement!

  4. I love your mac adventure and I love everything berry...your flavour combination and colours are so pretty. These are a great entry for this months Mactweets. Thank you for hopping on board!

  5. Thank you so much, everybody! :)